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The Internet has proven to be a practical channel for lucrative, profitable commerce. The total ecommerce sales for 2007 were estimated at $136.4 billion, an increase of 19% from 2006 (US Census Bureau). In fact, ecommerce sales since 2000 have done nothing except consistently rise.

Many companies offer pre-built templates for "online storefronts" that force you to conform to a pre-existing set up. Atlanta Web Experts builds customized and highly secured ecommerce websites that are created around your product offerings and business practices, so you get exactly what your business needs to succeed in today's online marketplace. Atlanta Web Experts also makes it easy to maintain your ecommerce website, so that your company always has full control.

Whether your goal is to increase your overall internet sales or to tap into a new revenue stream through ecommerce, Atlanta Web Experts can help you connect with your online customers.

Contact Atlanta Web Experts to offer your products and services to the entire world every minute of the day.

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